Neoteric Research Album

What Is Sound Anyway ? - Neoteric Research Unit

Neoteric Research Album

Neoteric Research - Neoteric Research Unit

Endless Indian Summer

Endless Indian Summer - Neoteric Research Unit

Ambient Projects

Ambient Projects EP # 1 - Neoteric Research Unit

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Ambient Music

Neoteric research unit what you've been searching for.

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What is Sound Anyway?

Now on iTunes:

What Is Sound Anyway ? - Neoteric Research Unit

Released through Bloodsugar Records.

The music is mainly Ambient; inhabiting the zone of between 90 to 120 bpm, and has been electronically mastered for optimum listening between 2am and 7am. Neoteric Research Unit is named after a top-secret government facility. The adjective 'neoteric' means: modern; new; recent. Of recent origin.

NEOTERIC RESEARCH UNIT is a London based electronic, ambient and experimental music project of Bernie Scranney.

Neoteric Research Unit is available on iTunes. Click below to go straight there:

Neoteric Research Unit 

Also check out NEOTERIC RESEARCH UNIT on BandCamp and SoundCloud to hear latest tracks not yet released on iTunes.

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